Action Team for Partnerships (ATP)

Increasing student achievement through authentic family and community partnerships

Sunset View has an Action Team for Partnerships (ATP) committee made up of educators, parents and community members. The committee meets monthly to develop and implement a plan for our school, family and community partnerships. The plan is centered around four goals – two academic and two non-academic –  that are aligned with our school improvement plan.

One thing we continue to focus on is being a Kids at Hope school. Kids at Hope is centered around three things: we believe, we connect, we time travel. Our belief is that all students are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Every morning the students and staff say a pledge making a commitment to this belief and also in making dreams for our future. Kids at Hope is also focused on getting the families and communities rallied around the same belief that all students are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS! Our staff is really excited about working together with the common belief of believing in all kids.