Parking Lot Procedures

Parking Lot Pick-up Zones

At Sunset View, we use Pick-up Zones to help with the efficiency and safety of our students and staff. Please pay close attention to which zone you will find your student.

Kindergarten or First Grade

Your pick-up zone will be the first zone, just past the fire lane. There is a small grass area at the front of the building right in front of the two kindergarten classes. When you enter the parking lot, you will need to go in the RIGHT lane along the curb so you can easily work your way to your designated pick-up zone. Staff and volunteers are happy to help get your student into your car so you do not have to leave your vehicle. Once you pick up your student, wait until the cars in front of you have moved before pulling out. This will help prevent accidents!

Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade

Your pick-up zone will be the second zone, just past the first cross walk and right before the second cross walk. Students will be standing in the grass area right around the corner, so it is their responsibility to keep an eye out for your car and then go to the pick-up zone as you approach. Staff and volunteers will be there to help as well. When you enter the parking lot, you will need to go in the LEFT lane so you can bypass the parents picking up younger children and then move over to the curb to your designated pick-up zone. Once you pick up your student off you go!

Families With Students in More Than One Grade Level

Students should be picked up based on the youngest child. So if you have a fifth-grader and a first-grader, then your fifth-grader will stand with your first-grader in the first pick-up zone. Please communicate this with your children so there is not any confusion during pick-up time.

If you have a meeting or need to park, go in the LEFT lane all the way around until you get to a parking spot. Unfortunately we have very limited parking, so please be aware of this.

In order for the pick-up zones to work, we cannot have parents parking, blocking or waiting in areas for their students as this will block traffic. Staff and parent volunteers have been instructed to tell you to make a loop and come back through if you are blocking traffic. If your student is not outside ready to go, you may have to loop around until he/she is there. School does not get out until 3:17 p.m., so if you are coming before this time it will very quickly lead to a back-up and you may end up having to loop around a few times.

Please do not come early to wait or arrive before your pick-up time. No one can move until students are dismissed at 3:17 p.m., so coming early to line up and wait will only add to the congestion. When you arrive, if your student is not ready to load, we will ask you to loop around again. As a courtesy to those behind you, you will not be allowed to wait. If you have students in multiple grades, please come at the latest time to ensure all of your students are outside and ready to go.

3:17: Kinder (Zone 1) and 2nd grade (Zone 2)

3:22: 1st grade (Zone 1) and 4th grade (Zone 2)

3:25: 3rd and 5th grade (Zone 2)

Remember, our ultimate goal is safety, but we also want to get you through the line as quickly as possible. Please be patient as we have a high percentage of parents who choose to pick up their child.

Thank you for your cooperation!