Parking Lot Procedures

Parking Lot 

Morning Drop Off

Students should be dropped off between 8:30 AM and 8:40 AM. School starts at 8:40 AM and breakfast will take place in the classroom after 8:40. Please do not drop them off early as we do not have any supervision available. Families may not stand with their children in lines prior to school starting. You will need to drop your children off at the front of the building or at the back gate and then they will need to go to their lines on their own.

Afternoon Pick Up

In order to maintain the six-foot physical distancing required and to ensure a smooth flow of traffic, Sunset View will have staggered dismissal times at the end of the school day. Please read through the following carefully as it is a change from what we have done in the past.

  • 3:10: Kinder and 4th grade
  • 3:13: 1st grade and 3rd grade
  • 3:16: 2nd and 5th grade
  • 3:17: All Walkers
  •  Please do not come early to wait or arrive before your child’s dismissal time. If you arrive early, we will ask you to come back at the designated time or to park.
  • When you arrive, if your student is not ready to load, we will ask you to loop around again. As a courtesy to those behind you, you will NOT be allowed to wait. If you have students in multiple grades, please come at the latest time to ensure all of your students are outside and ready to go.
  • In the front parking lot, all students will be picked up at the same location. We will have staff helping to load students at designated cones. Please do not wave your child to your car unless you are at a designated cone.
  • There will be two lanes of traffic in the parking lot: 1) The pick-up lane, which is closest to the curb and school and 2) The through lane for moving traffic or people who need to park. If you are in the through lane, you will not be able to pick up a student from that lane.
  •  Kinder and 1st grade: We will have these students waiting in the gym and only release them when the family member is at a designated cone in the pick-up lane.
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade: If picking students up in the front parking lot, these students will be social distanced along the front of the building and loaded at the designated cones.

Families With Students in More Than One Grade Level

  • Students should be picked up based on the oldest child. (Example: If you have a 5th grader and a kinder student, then you will need to come at the latest time. Your 5th grader will stand outside the gym doors until you are at one of the designated cones. You will then pick up both students at the same time. Please communicate this with your children so there is not any confusion during pick-up time.
  • If you have a meeting or need to park, go in the through lane, which is the LEFT lane all the way around until you get to a parking spot.
  • Please drive slowly and do not stop in a crosswalk, fire lane, or block another lane.
  • Please be patient and wait until the car in front of you is moving.
  • Refrain from using your phone during pick up time.
  • Please keep the handicap parking spaces open for those with a handicap sticker. You will be asked to move if you do not have the appropriate identification.

Remember, our ultimate goal is safety, but we also want to get you through the line as quickly as possible. Please be patient as we have a high percentage of parents who choose to pick up their child.

Thank you for your cooperation!